Sunday, September 13, 2009

Joe Dallesandro: Flesh for Frankenstein

For months now, Jeremy has on occasion mentioned Joe Dallesandro and how he needed to show me one of his movies. Finally, the other night, Jeremy showed me Flesh for Frankenstein and Blood of Dracula. In Flesh for Frankenstein, I was immediately transported into Paul Morrisey's strange world of the grotesque experiments of Baron Von Frankenstein (Udo Kier), the Baroness, his sister/wife and her addiction to sex, the Frankestein's strange and creepy children, and Joe Dallesandro as Nicholas the stable boy who can't help but make love to every woman in town.
Udo Kier as Baron Von Frankenstein delivers his lines with such matter of fact bite and no-nonsense force, that some the funniest lines in the movie become even funnier because of his delivery of them. Udo delivers my favorite line of the movie when he says: "To know death, Otto, you have to fuck life... in the gall bladder!"
Baron Von Frankenstein is a man on a mission throughout the film in his quest to create a perfect super-race, while Nicholas just wants to live life and have lots of women. Baroness Von Frankenstein is sexually frustrated and unsatisfied, so when she stumbles upon Nicholas on two separate occasions with different women, she decides to hire him as a very personal servant in the castle. The Baron as a self-proclaimed scientist has more important things on his mind than sex with his wife/sister, and his experiments are conducted under much secrecy and the number of used bodies and parts are many. The female experiment is essentially perfected, but the un-perfected male counterpart is the ultimate demise of a number of the main characters in one way or another. Nicholas' best friend Sacha, a quiet fellow who simply wants to join a monastery, accidentally becomes Baron Von Frankenstein's latest victim when he loses his head to the crazy scientist. The Baron mistakes Sacha for a promiscuous womanizer, and the Baron wants a sexually charged brain for his male creation in order to impregnate his female creation with the first offspring of his new race. This of course is not what happens when Sacha's head is attached to the male monster body. Nicholas spots his best bud, or what's left of him, while serving the Frankenstein family their dinner. After that, Nicholas and Sacha wreak havoc on the Baron and Baroness until almost all are dead and piled in a heap on the science lab floor.
Joe Dallesandro is my new favorite thing, and he definitely stole the show in this film, in all of his strong, masculine and naked glory!
Such a fun and crazy film...I can't believe I am just now seeing this!! Below are some stills from the film. Enjoy, and definitely see this film if you haven't already.

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