Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rupert developments: Cherrybomb

I am really excited to see what all of the kids of the Harry Potter franchise do with their careers post Deathly Hallows. Most exciting, in my opinion, is the budding talent of Rupert Grint who has already made two new movies aside from Harry Potter. Of course there was the British coming of age film, Driving Lessons in 2006, but Grint has two brand-spanking new films circulating the film festival circuit. Grint is already stretching his acting wings with what Entertainment Weekly's Jeff Jensen calls "an against type turn in the teens-gone-wrong thriller Cherrybomb and a supporting role in the action comedy Wild Target (neither movie has a U.S. release date)". After reading this I immediately headed to youtube in search of the trailer for Cherrybomb. A much more grown up and increasingly handsome Grint appears in the trailer which promises to be an exciting turn for his career. The indie-movie itself promises to be something I will enjoy watching and hopefully it will prove to be a fresh turn for his evolving career.

I am posting the trailer for Cherrybomb, and hopefully it will encourage everyone else to get excited about it too! I am just hoping that it will get released here in the U.S. sooner or later. Wild Target, the other film that Grint has been working on alas has no trailer available yet, but I will keep my eyes peeled for it. I am sure that Wild Target will be available in the U.S. eventually because of it's other stars, like Emily Blunt and Bill Nighy. Anyway, please enjoy the trailer below! I think it looks absolutely terrific!


Jeremy Richey said...

I'm really looking forward to both of these...thnaks for posting on them.

Anonymous said...

I think this looks like a pretty cool film. I have been following its status since I first heard about it and I hope it finds a company here to put it out soon. I'm really glad Rupert has been able to branch out, and I think he will have a great career after Harry Potter ends. Thanks again and I think your blog looks really great. I will keep checking it.


Kelley Avery said...

Thanks so much, Elizabeth for the comment! I'm glad to see someone else who follows Rupert's work. Thanks so much!

Keith said...

Great post. I wish Rupert the best of luck with his career. It's cool to see what he's doing outside of the Harry Potter movies.