Friday, June 19, 2009

First Post

I decided that I wanted to create a blog specifically dedicated to expressing my appreciation for my favorite things (thus the title of this blog) which can include my favorite: movies, music, fashion, actors, actresses, art, etc...I hope anyone who reads any of this will get some enjoyment out of my blog, which will include lots of pictures and hopefully some writing as well.


AnnaCaramba said...

You should say "MES choses préférèes"!

A French girl.

Justine said...

Awesome sellection of films kelly.

Justine said...

The colours of Suspiria are like nothing that I have seen in any other movie before.

Kelley Avery said...

Thanks Anna,
I appreciate you pointing that out and I have corrected it.

I really appreciate that Justine and agree with your thoughts on Suspiria.

I hope you both continue to find things of interest here.