Monday, June 29, 2009

Colors: Diva

Diva is a film that is up there at the top of my list as one of the most memorable viewing experiences ever. I remember going to the Belcourt theater in Nashville with Jeremy to see a special screening of Jean-Jacques Beineix's Diva, which was right before the new release of the DVD came out. I was immediately struck by how blue the film looked. Blue is definitely the predominating color in the film: blue lighting, blue sets and props, and sometimes blue wardrobe. In the DVD extras and interviews, Beineix and other cast and crew members talk about how blue and yellow were two colors that intentionally dominated the film, but I just noticed the blue appearance of the film. Of course there are other colors that pop out in Diva, but if you watch it, it definitely feels like a heavily blue film. To me Diva is a masterpiece and a lovingly crafted film that is both beautiful to watch and masterfully crafted. This film has undeniably influenced how I think about film and how breaking the "rules" can be the best thing for a film.


Bob Turnbull said...

I've been meaning to see "Diva" for years now - ever since a friend of mine told me it was one of the worst films he'd ever seen. The way he described it made it sound right up my alley.

Also, then I could tell Jeremy that I've seen a Beineix and maybe he'd stop shunning me...B-)

Another great example of coulour is DePalma's "Blowout" - he uses reds and blues all over the place to tie into the American independence backdrop of the story. I'm actually hoping to get something posted on that in the next few days...

Kelley Avery said...

Thanks, Bob for the nice words! Definitely watch Diva when you get the chance because it will leave an impression on you...It is one of those films that you either absolutely love or loathe, and I happen to love it. Not only is it beautiful to watch, but it is somewhat prophetic in the way that it deals with the recurring theme of illegal copying and distribution of copyrighted work. Maybe its downfall was that the film is a bit ahead of its time, although I think it holds up well, especially now.
I totally agree with you that Blow Out is a great example of color...I will definitely check out your post on it.

Linden Arden said...

Spotting this post last week inspired me to dig out my DVD copy of Diva; a film that I love but hadn't really sat down with for over a year. Obviously it's beautifully shot and incredibly cool, but what I think I like most about this movie is the relationship between the three main characters, Jules, Alba and Gorodish. I generally like films in which the viewer is allowed to spend time with a small group of characters, watching them grow and interact.

It also helps that the plot is absolutely riveting throughout.